Kerosene fuel and associated risks

Nearly half of all households in Africa use kerosene for lighting. These households are usually not able to connect to national electricity grids. Kerosene can be very damaging to people’s health and to the environment. Kerosene also uses a lot of a household’s income and may become more expensive in

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The place of mobile money in Africa

ALESSANDRA MARTORANA THE PLACE OF MOBILE MONEY IN AFRICA Mobile money is when payments are made through mobile phones using SMS text messaging. People can receive, send and store money using their mobile phones. People convert cash into e-money (or e-money into cash) at stores or agents. Mobile phones can

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The role of solar panels in reducing energy costs

ALESSANDRA MARTORANA SAVE MONEY WITH SOLAR PANELS Solar panels are a cheaper alternative to normal electricity provided by the government. They help shops open longer and cost less to run. In the long term, they can make a bigger profit for entrepreneurs and business owners. WHAT ARE SOLAR PANELS? Solar

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