Recycling – what it is and how it is good for the environment and you


posted on: July 4th, 2017


Conservation is about making sure that the world around us is being looked after. This can mean making sure our environment like plants are cared for or that people and communities have the things they need. Part of this process of conservation is recycling. Recycling involves using materials in a different way to what they were first made for. An example of this is gathering together used paper, shredding it and moulding it back into a notebook.


People often recycle objects without knowing it. The plastic bag you use to carry food, may be used again to carry other objects. However, recycling can also involve using objects again but in very different ways to how they were used before. Some people have been able to turn plastic bags into pencils. People recycle because using objects in a more helpful way to how they were used before can save us money and time. Recycling objects is an efficient way to improve your daily life.


Recycling can save money. Often you need to buy objects for your home and life. If you use objects you find in your home or on the ground this means you do not need to buy as many things. By not buying as many things for your home you can save money. An example of this is that you can cut plastic bags up into small strips like string. This plastic string can then be used to tie materials together. It can also be used to weave and create plastic blankets that make good mattresses for your home.


Recycling objects near to you means that you do not have to go and buy as many materials. By not having to go and buy as many things you save yourself time. This spare time you have means you can complete other tasks you need to do.


Recycling can make the world around us a cleaner place. Recycling plastic means there is less on the ground around us. By having less plastic on the ground it looks cleaner. When it looks cleaner tourists and visitors will think it looks nicer. By keeping tourists happy you can make a more successful business. People who own shops and restaurants can recycle and by doing this they make the area around them look good and they save money to spend more on their business.


Lots of different objects can be recycled. If you recycle you may use objects you find again and again and not change the way they look. Some people recycle by collecting materials together and breaking them down to be made into something else. Plastic, wood and metal can all be broken down into smaller parts. These parts can then be put together to make other objects. It is important to remember that plastic and metal should not be melted or burnt as it can be fatal. If you are going to recycle we recommend you find objects that can be easily cut using scissors and that the parts can then be put together to make other things.

When recycling you need to make sure the objects you find can be broken apart easily without hurting you or others. When recycling you also need to be sure the parts can be put back together to make something useful. Plastic bags that are cut to make plastic string is a useful way of breaking down materials and recycling them.

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Mohamed Semdoe
Mohamed Semdoe

I’m Tanzanian environmentalist, I develop innovative idea of using plastic bags into mattresses so as to clean environment as well as creating income for poor youths and women. I need to share this idea with your esteem organization.

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