John Watts

Board of the Irish Foundation

John Watts specialises in global communications and campaigns with a focus on legal, cultural and diplomatic initiatives across Africa, South America and Asia. He has been
Managing Partner of BLJ London since 2014.

John was Special Adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair. During his time in 10 Downing Street, John experienced working closely with world leaders and public figures at the very highest levels of government and business.

Before working at Number 10, John was Director of Conferences and Events for the Labour Party. Responsible for the presentation of the party’s 2005 general election campaign, he
was also charged with organising Europe’s largest annual political convention. He studied Arabic and Middle East Affairs at Birzeit University in Palestine as well as in the Sultanate of Oman. He sits on the advisory board of the Brazil based Lawfare Institute, is an advisor to Blacklion Law in the UK and is a trustee of the human rights charity The Peter Tatchell Foundation.