Ahmed Refaie Ali Refaie Abdo

Ghana Board Member

A mathematician and computer engineer who turned into the entertainment industry at a very young age to run the concerts for some of the most famous singers and Djs. Shifted dramatically to leading a military troop as a lieutenant in the Air Defense Forces fulfilling his service.

Switched to business and finance and started the second wave of his career as an equity portfolio & fund manager, and FX trader. Deeply experienced in the hedge fund industry, raising and starting hedge fund in the Carribean in 2013 linking startups to capital through trading floor, IPOing SMEs and holding the shares as collateral to trade them as a market maker. Ahmed instructs the CFA Charter levels 2 and 3 as well as teaching on different topics for banking and investment professionals and practitioners such as Technical Analysis, Asset Selection and Allocation, Alternative Investments, Risk Management, Trade Finance (LCs), and Treasury.

Refaie holds a BEng in Computer Engineering, the PMT Professional Market Trader Certification, Cambridge International Diploma in Business majoring in Marketing and HRM, the European Business Competence Licence Level A, and an MSc in Financial Engineering.