Legal advisor

Isaac Adeyanju

Isaac Adeyanju is a Nigerian trained Barrister and Solicitor and a seasoned legal professional who has invested his coveted legal expertise in guiding NGOs, non-profits and Corporate enterprises in Africa through the provision of corporate governance advisory facilities, business support and transactional advisory services. Till date he has acted on

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Ahmed Refaie Ali Refaie Abdo

A mathematician and computer engineer who turned into the entertainment industry at a very young age to run the concerts for some of the most famous singers and Djs. Shifted dramatically to leading a military troop as a lieutenant in the Air Defense Forces fulfilling his service. Switched to business

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Dr. Benjamin Karikari

Dr. Benjamin Karikari completed BSc Agriculture and MSc Agronomy from University of Cape Coast (2008) and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (2013), respectively, both in Ghana. He holds PhD in Crop Genetics and Breeding from Nanjing Agricultural University (June 2020). He currently works as a Lecturer at

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