Atomic Habits


Atomic habits are some of the small awful, and unhealthy behaviours which we often get addicted to without the sense of a rightful conscience. This usually results in some abnormal behaviour. We continuously drive ourselves into such behaviour due to excitement, comfort, or influence in that it becomes part of our life. For example, drug abuse, smoking, drinking, stealing, or any attitude that seems wayward.


The route through which one developed a bad habit can be changed in that same direction. Therefore, this requires a change in a cognitive, physical, and social direction. The three things people can do to change their bad habits are: change of attitude, change of mindset, and live a simple but modest life with positive thinking about life. 

Firstly, in a cognitive way,  this method can be derived from James Clear’s book “atomic habits”, in which he teaches how one can change bad habits where he enlists the four laws of breaking bad habits and creating good ones. To think of each law as a lever that influences human behaviour. When they are in the wrong positions, it is nearly impossible. “He asserts that first is to make it obvious, secondly is to make it attractive, thirdly is to make it easy, and lastly is to make it satisfying. He goes on to also create ways to break bad habits. In the same decorum, he says that firstly, one makes the habit invisible, then makes it unattractive, thirdly makes it difficult and lastly, it unsatisfying. Following these simple rules, one can quickly turn away from a wayward life and develop a positive mind toward life goals. 

Secondly, physically and socially, one has to change who they relate with and their conduct generally. In the era where our behaviour is being crafted by society and cultured by movies and the internet, there is always a personal need to choose the right amidst such tempting societal circumstances. The significant bit about human nature is that we have a sense of judgement more than any other nature. This is like a guiding spirit that helps us differentiate between right and wrong; therefore, listening to the inner self is paramount to changing bad habits.

Furthermore, Religion plays a significant role in framing a person’s behavioural standard, as every Religion has something wrong it forbids. These laws nurture the individual to do away with bad habits by abiding by the religious standards set in place. 

There are some tips one can use to do away with bad habits, which include;

  • Getting professional help like psychiatrists or welfare organizations
  • Talking to a family member
  • Noting down any improvement towards changing a habit
  • Meditate
  • Take a vacation
  • Make yourself busy with a valuable activity
  • Be vigilant and get rid of temptation
  • Understand your bad habit, take note of it and look for solutions 

Cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual ways are better ways of leaving bad habits, but the best way to combat a lousy habit depends on your mindset, for an attitude doesn’t fly away within just a day. Some habits can even stay for a lifetime, be vigilant of bad habits and desist from them.

Derick Nandabi


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