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The Relevance of a Clean Home

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, meaning that it is almost as essential to be clean as it is to be good. That is, cleanliness is vital to every household, whether a hut, a two-storey house, a shack, or anything else, as long as it provides a roof over your head. Every family must have a ‘homely environment that is clean and smells good. It is a way to make your home or space inviting, comfortable, and welcoming. 

Here is why keeping your area clean and smelling great is crucial:


  • A clean home/space gives off a first impression of a person’s image. If the area is dirty, dusty, clothes are disorganised, etc., it doesn’t give off a pleasant feeling but a negative emotion. Therefore, a clean home can make anyone feel better and represent a good and safe environment for the place’s owner and visitors. 


  • A clean home/space creates a lot of open space and has no clutter by giving the room’s occupants a clear mind. In addition, cleaning helps to organise your space, reduces stress and allergies, avoids collecting dirt and pests, and avoids spreading germs; it can improve your mental, emotional and physical health. Clean places will make you feel more active, process emotions effectively, and help you think creatively.


  • A clean home/space represents your personality, health, well-being and self-expression. Again, as referred to before, it is part of first impressions. If people see you as a clean, good-looking person, they will assume your house is the same. When you go out into the world, it is a reflection of yourself. So, keeping your home and yourself clean is the right thing to do; it boosts an individual’s morale. 


  • Smelling good is about feeling good. That is to say, you; are inviting, comforting and approachable if an individual has a great and appealing scent from home. Every home has a unique scent that is distinguishable by guests and the occupants. If the house smells pleasant, your guests will associate your place with that scent. It is not recommended to put too much of the spray; otherwise, the space will be too overpowering and overbearing. 


  • A clean home is a happy home. All the occupants and guests can feel free and comfortable in a clean house that smells great. It boasts an individual’s morale, makes the home more approachable for family and friend events, provides more space for everyone, and gives off happy vibes. 


In conclusion, If cleanliness starts at home, it should spread to communities, towns and cities. 

Siphiwe Shongwe


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