Amazing Facts about Lemon Fruit

Lemons are oval edible fruits whose juice is mainly acidic due to their high citric acid content, classified under the Rutaceae plant family. They contain a high quantity of vitamin C. Lemons are grown worldwide but mainly thrive in warm climatic conditions. Lemons contain a high quantity of Vitamin C, Flavonoids, soluble fibre such as pectin and other various plant compounds, which are paramount for human health.


How to consume a lemon Fruit

Most people usually ingest lemon juice in various ways. First and foremost, the outer layer is peeled off, the fruit is cut into a section of choice that is transverse or longitudinal, and the juice is squeezed out directly into the mouth. Secondly, after peeling off the outer layer, some people cut the fruit into small pieces and place them into an electronic appliance called a blender. This crushes the small fruit pieces and extracts the juice out of them.

Health benefits of lemons

Lemons have various health benefits, but the most evidenced are discussed below.

  • They are sources of a vital Vitamin called ascorbic acid or Vitamin C, containing approximately 53mg. Vitamin C is so important in boosting the body’s defence/immunity and antioxidation of free radicals, which would otherwise result in health complications such as cancer.
  • They contain citric acid, which is believed to prevent the formation of kidney stones in the kidney.
  • Consumption of lemons can also help in weight loss.
  • Regular intake of lemon juice can also lower the risks of developing heart complications such as heart strokes and heart attacks. This is attributed to the high amount of vitamin C in lemons.
  • Lemon juice also lowers the risks of developing anaemia. Vitamin C in lemon juice increases iron absorption, an essential component of Hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying molecule.



For a healthy life, one should consider at least consuming lemon fruit each day. It is part of the health behaviours one should exhibit, for it has various health benefits. Besides that, people can also take the initiative to plant lemon trees to increase their availability in homes and the market.

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