Music and Children

Music with Children


Music connects us to each other. It is a part of our everyday culture. It is a way to interact with others and to spread joy. From when we are born, our parents use music to soothe us. But, does music have a more important role in a child’s development? The section below takes us through how it facilitates children development.


Mind the Music

Scientists have shown that experiencing music as a child can improve brain development. Importantly, it is the parts of the brain vital for learning languages and reading. Music helps children to better understand the sound and meaning of words. Teaching a child how to play an instrument can also help them with their mathematical learning. Learning traditional songs and tunes can also improve a child’s memory function.


Music does not only help with academic development. Learning music helps children to develop the spirit of teamwork. When playing with others, children have to learn to listen to each other and work together to produce a nice sound. Children can also use music to bond with other children as playing together brings them together.


Body and Mind

Learning how to play an instrument improves a child’s hand-eye coordination. Children have to learn how to read music or listen to music and then interpret it themselves. Performing music with others makes children more aware of their bodies. Many children instinctively dance to music from a very young age.


Learning how to play music also promotes discipline. Children have to practice in order to learn how to play. This teaches children the value of hard work and determination. Once children are able to play, they can enjoy the music even more.



Music also helps to develop a child’s creativity. Children often make up songs as they play. Music can also help with stress relief. This is because it allows children to express themselves. Music does not need language. It does not have to be academic. This means that any child can learn music and grow as a person, regardless of their academic ability. Music can therefore help with improving the self-confidence of all children.



Music is very important in the development of children. It helps them develop academically, socially, and helps them to improve their own self-confidence. Music is a joyful way to connect with others and to learn. Expose your children to music today.



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