Umenzeakor, Nnaemeka Kevin was born in Onitsha, Nigeria. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in political science from  Anambra State University (now Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University), Nigeria in 2012.  He travelled to Germany for his master’s degree in European  Studies  and obtained it in 2020. He’s so passionate about law, public policy, human rights, development Studies, African Studies and migration. He’s the Author of the book: From Nigeria To Europe: Trafficking Of Nigerian Women And The Shock Of The 21st Century.


R:Ed: What Inspired You To Write The Book?

The inspiration to write the book on human trafficking was born out of the zeal to raise a voice against trafficking of women from Nigeria to Europe. This was after I saw a television documentary of how Nigerian ladies were being abused.  Some were being consumed by the Mediterranean Sea and it was a horrifying experience. As a way of sensitizing our people on the evils surrounding this pernicious journey, I decided to pen down my thoughts. I made up my mind to look into the policies; whether there is any policy between Nigerian government and the European Union regarding human trafficking and irregular migration. In the course of all these, the book was birthed.


R:Ed: Have You In Any Way Interacted With Any Of The Victims?

Yes, during the course of my findings. I’ve been able to meet some in Europe. They were able to tell the bitter experiences they had on their way; of how they were being led by the mafias and agents. These victims also lamented how they were also forced to take some strange oaths.


R:Ed: What Is The Main Factor Causing Human Trafficking?

One of the main causes of irregular migration and human trafficking is the substandard economic condition. These young girls are promised better jobs. In a bid to escape the hardship and struggle for survival, they find themselves engaged in this dangerous journey with so much fetish activities involved. Also, peer pressure is another cause as well as the influence of idleness.


R:Ed: What Should The Readers Be Expecting In Your Book?

The major causes of irregular migration has been highlighted as well as various ways to combat it. The efforts of the Nigerian Government in stopping human trafficking; the policies of the European Union which condemns trafficking. Also, the aftermath of 2015 migration crises was talked about as well as adequate recommendations that will help in stopping human trafficking.


R:Ed: What Is Your Advice To Young Girls

My advice to young girls is for them to practice decency. Acquire knowledge and skills. Education is the key to many doors. They are change Makers and are capable of changing the Society for good. Also, they should be innovative and most importantly, involve themselves in leadership and government.


The book: From Nigeria To Europe: Trafficking Of Nigerian Women And The Shock Of The 21st Century is now available at: 

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