Dengue Fever


posted on: January 3rd, 2018


Dengue infection is a rising problem in Africa. The infection is extremely painful, and can lead to an even worse fever that can kill you. People living in towns and cities are most at risk. Follow the steps below to protect yourself from this illness.


Half the world’s population is at risk from Dengue. It is found in urban areas (towns and cities) in tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is more common in Asia and South America, but there have been several outbreaks in Africa recently, for example in Egypt and Burkina Faso.


Dengue is an infectious disease. It is caused by a virus. The virus is spread by mosquitoes that bite in the day. These mosquitoes can also carry other viruses like Zika, yellow fever and chikungunya. The mosquito carrying the virus is wide-spread across Africa.


Dengue gives you flu-like symptoms. Symptoms appear 4-10 days after you are bitten, and last for 2-7 days. They include:

Sometimes people get Severe Dengue Fever. This is potentially deadly so medical treatment is needed. You can tell if someone has severe Dengue Fever if develop more symptoms. These symptoms (listed below) normally occur 3–7 days after the first symptoms (listed above).

The next 24–48 hours are critical. It is essential to seek medical attention. With treatment, most people survive and are cured very quickly.


Here are some methods of protecting yourself:

Dengue Fever normally isn’t lethal but it can be extremely painful. The best way to avoid getting it is to stop mosquitoes living in and near your houses. Don’t leave containers or objects outside that can collect water, and tip out any that you find.

If someone has symptoms of Severe Dengue Fever they need to be treated as quickly as possible!

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Thanks what makes same one to pralise half of the body?


What’s up, ju?t wanted to mention, I enjoyed this post.
It was helpful. Keep on po?ting!

kimera anold

So were can i get that antidote once am infected


If you think you may have been infected, the most important thing is to seek aid from a medical professional as soon as possible.


ok let’s share this with others to save peoples lives thanks

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