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The moment a baby is born it begins to learn. Every second of its life is a learning experience and family life marks the beginning of this journey. The child will watch its parents. The child will watch how they talk to each other. The child will observe how its parents talk with others. Like this the child’s growth as a member of the community begins. It is from this moment on that parents have a duty towards their child: they are role models and teachers. Part of this duty is to make sure that the child has the best chances for success in life and one of the most important paths to success is education


Education is vital. It will plant the seeds that are needed for children to expand their minds. Education helps communities find new solutions to old problems and to advance together. Educated children go on to earn more money and make a positive impact for the family and the community. They improve health, education and economics by using the things that they learn. You might not always see the benefits of education straight away. Like the blooming of a flower, education can take time. But a flower cannot be rushed. It is the responsibility of the community and the family to help children pursue their education. A child should be educated even if that means that they cannot work all the time.

Creating a setting where children – boys and girl-children – are encouraged to learn will help their minds become greater. The community and the family unit should take responsibility for this. Education doesn’t just take place at school: it happens at home too. This is why the family is so important. Having children should be seen as making a promise to protect and improve the child’s future. Parents should honor this promise until the children are grown up and can take care of themselves.


Parents who share the demands of raising their children will make a life-long positive impact on the child’s life. Those children will then be more successful in life. A father who gives support and help is just as important as a mother who gives support and help. An educated mother is just as important as an educated father. A family that supports each other is a family that creates true wealth.


Women and men should have equal chances in education. Women and men both have great ideas but women are often not given the chance to share their ideas. An educated mother will be able to keep her children healthier and to share her wisdom with them when they are not in school. An educated mother will also be able to prepare her children cleverly for the life ahead of them. If parents are both educated to the same level they can both give equally to the education of the child and to the progress of the community. It is therefore vital that women have the same access to education as men.
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