The Importance of Educating a Mother


posted on: June 18th, 2016



In their hands we grow up, through their eyes we see the world; their cradle teaches us to swing in the real world. A mother has the power of not only raising her child but also the power to correct the wrongs in her child. In every corner of the world a child looks for teaching, safety, hope and love in one person, their mother. She is the first being who teaches you; be it through academia or through personal understanding; she will try to save her child from the darkness in this world by enabling him to tackle it with good. There is nothing in this world which a child can do to repay the debt he acquires to his mother. Every day she showers him with love and knowledge of the world without any expectation. She does it with all of her children without any hesitation or want of return. This article will focus on why it is paramount to educate our mothers and also how it can be done.


First, we need to understand why educating mothers is so important. As the first beacon of hope for children, a mother has the ability to shape that child’s worlds; she holds their finger and teaches them to walk; she establishes right and wrong for them; she cures their evils by blessing them with love and care. In majority of the world, she does this without little or no education; yet she has the capability of being a teacher, of being a mentor and a safe haven. Many overly qualified teachers fail to do that even though their jobs require them to. If we educate the mothers, we educate entire generations. And slowly we might be able to educate every generation in this world.

Secondly, there are several ways to do this, but we will focus on the easy ones. A human being has the honour to be surrounded by a few majestic women for whom they should do whatever is necessary. These women are namely: their mother, their sisters, their partners and their daughters. What if all these women had the privilege of education; what if all these women, if they were to give birth to children, had the capability of imparting knowledge of every form and shape onto their children. Education will spread through blood and ties; it will not be just found in schools but at home as well.


Every son or daughter who is educated has a duty, this duty stems from their debt owed to their mothers. This child should try to teach his mother what he knows, not ignore the fact that she does not share their empowered minds. These children can educate their own mothers, ensure that their siblings and daughters receive the correct amount of knowledge they deserve. This child may be the reason through which entire generations could be educated.

So if you have a mother, sister or daughter. Go home. Teach them what you learned today. You owe them this much. They deserve this as much as you do.

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